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Games Workshop Citadel - Base: Gal Vorbak Red (12ml)

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Even since the days of the Horus Heresy, Gal Vorbak augmented their wargear with spikes and blades for use in close combat. [7] Notable Members

Finally, however, there is a great upgrade for Lorgar called Lorgar Transfigured – which I think is a must take for this Primarch. For 75 pts (he starts cheaper than most as it is – so this isn’t too bad), he becomes a Level 3 Psyker who can select powers from Divination and Telekinesis, and manifests on a 3+ rather than a 4+. If you don’t take this, the Erratic Psychic Power rule is used instead, which makes Lorgar a terrible Level 2 Psyker choosing randomly and manifesting a 5+ – this is absolutely dreadful, so take this upgrade! Choosing powers is absolutely broken if you combine Lorgar with the right units. Put him with Gal Vorbak, and give them Prescience for rerolls… The possibilities are endless, and being able to choose the powers gives you much-needed certainty to build strategies. Sample Army List I painted the whole cape Gal Vorbak Red, with two thin coats. I then layered up with Khorne Red, a blend of Khorne Red and Mephiston Red, Mephiston Red, and then a last highlight of a blend of Mephiston Red and Averland Sunset. The next step is shading everything for that Battle Ready look. First I shaded the parchment with Agrax Earthshade thinned with Lahmian Medium in a 1:1 mix, then used it straight from the pot for the gold parts. For the silver metallics, the red eye lenses, and the Crux Terminatus. I used one part Contrast Medium to one part Basilicanum Grey . For the blue armour, I just used Basilicanum Grey for a recess shade, which is taking it straight from the pot and painting only in the recessed areas. Then I shaded the helmets with Calgar Blue thinned with two parts Lahmian Medium, just in the recesses. You can also use this to highlight your armour or just drybrush it on.

Aradia Madellan – Mike

I would definitely find room for these in any Word Bearers army, and probably run them quite cheap – give the Dark Martyr Artificer Armour and a Power Fist, and put them in a Land Raider or Dreadclaw. They are also well supported in the fluff and have a lovely colour scheme which is quite forgiving with the new Contrast paints.

Erebus needs no introduction – he is the First Heretic, and the true architect of the Horus Heresy – his teachings are what corrupted Lorgar, and his theft of the Anathame triggered the events which led to the fall of Horus on Davin. NOTE: When basing the corner buildings, I kept the outline of the bases small so that they could still be placed together into a larger building:In battle, this being came to dominate the mind and body of the warrior. His already mighty form would swell as hands turned into rending talons and jaws into slavering, fang-filled maws twisted beyond reason and reality. At Istvaan V, the Word Bearers' pact with the horrors beyond was sealed in a great ritual of carnage and betrayal. So the final step is very easy. Highlight the Retributor Gold with Vallejo Gold and hit that dagger with Vallejo Silver. Do a 60/40 Lahmian Medium/Coeila Greenshade on the dagger to give a hint of poison and you are done! I used Dark Yellow from Secret Weapons pigment line (sadly going out of business), but any light pigment powder should suffice. As is tradition, I neglected to take photos during the most crucial part of the process: Painting the terrain! But bear with me, I’ll walk you through it: Charismatic Leadership – Any primary detachment from the Word Bearers Legion must take a secondary Compulsory HQ choice where this is allowed in the Force Organisation chart, and this must be either a Centurion or a Chaplain Consul.

The Gal Vorbak is a title that, over time, came to refer to any of the Word Bearers who were possessed by the powers of the Warp, but those who later bore the title were a lesser breed of abomination compared to the first of the Legion's brethren who sealed their pact with darkness. The Gal Vorbak were the first of their kind; Space Marines and daemons fused into a single being. Lorgar himself had been raised as a Priest of the Covenant on the world of Colchis, an arid planet deeply steeped in religion and old gods. The Aurelian had risen to be a ruler of the world, and worshipped as divine by his people – yet he dreamed of the return of a golden “ onegod ”, which he prophesied would one day come to pass. When the Emperor arrived on Colchis with Magnus the Red, Lorgar knew his time had come, and his faith had been rewarded. Basilisk • Medusa • Whirlwind ( Scorpius • Hyperios) • Vindicator ( Laser Destroyer) • Arquitor ( Graviton • Spicula • Morbus) • Rapier • Heavy Quad Launcher • Tarantula

Neyam Shai Murad – Laura

Tainted Weapon– You can swap any character’s power weapon with one of these, which is Specialist Weapon and Instant Death . It’s a bit niche, as it has no AP or Strength bonus, but I have been on the receiving end when wielded by Gal Vorbak against Ogryns – very nasty! Ever wonder why some armies make a strong impact on the table, despite not being painted to ‘Eavy Metal standards? It’s probably due in no small part to a well-chosen colour palette. Our fri end JF Dubeau from the 40K Radio podcast joins us to offer some sage advice on coming up with a great scheme.

For the cloth I do a simple Khorne Red highlight on the edges of the boots, the knees and on any folds in the cloth. I finish it off with a sharp Mephiston Highlight which really pops on Gal Vorbak Red.The gold trim on the cape was painted with Retributor, and washed with Druchii Violet to help reassert the purple-ish shadows of the cape. The eyes were painted with Lupercal Green, washed with Contrast Militarum Green, and then given a yellow stripe through them. Horus also has a scenic base. The 40 mm base is just one big piece, and there’s a little L-shaped connecting piece to hold the 40 mm base to the 60 mm base. The 60 mm scenic base has the main plate, and five parts of the bannister – the rail and four uprights. The “broken” upright goes at the lowest point on the base. The other three uprights all have corresponding damage with parts of the 60 mm base. The slope of the uprights will all have the same orientation, to support the rail. Dry fit all of these parts together first. To start with, the price tag for this unit is steep – 305pts before you start to upgrade it. However, it has a bevy of special rules, and in Zone Mortalis it is probably too good to be allowed. On paper they are pretty good – S6 and T5 with 3 Wounds and Initiative 5, with Rage and Daemon on top. Their Anakatis Blades – weird Daemon swords from the Ghoul Stars with some chilling fluff – are AP 3 with the possibility to rend on a 5+ and inflict double wounds, which is pretty devastating.

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