Memories 2 - An Evening in 2009 with the Tamla Tigers,  a record in Pictures - Part 2

Well, I hope you enjoyed the new Memories 1, here's Part 2 of the collection of photographs we have prepared for your enjoyment.

After all the equipement has been cabled up and connected to Alec's mixing desk, vocals and instruments tuned and sound levels calibrated, there's just that small matter of shedding those outdoor clothes and donning the Tigers' stage gear. The last few minutes to relax before giving yet another magnificent performance.

All changed, a few moments to enjoy a drink before taking to the stage, maybe a little bit of joking. The conversation seems to be going like this.

Graham: So when's Securicor delivering my fee for playing tonight?
Pat: Your fee? You want paying as well  as the opportunity to play with the Tigers?
Martin: Keep it quiet, Graham, Pat's been charging me if I want to play

Mike needs to make one more check. No, not on his beer - on his saxophone!


Now everyone's changed,  it's time for the local Press. Big smile please. Say 'Cheese'.

.....and now it's time to get on stage. Here we are, waiting in the wings, the preparations are all complete and now it's time to perform.

Ok, lights down, three, two, one, it's a quick word of welcome from Sarah and the Tamla Tigers are doing what they do best - making music and making their many fans very, very happy.

The atmosphere is building so quickly

Now we're rocking, Sarah is giving it her all

My, Godfrey does look impressed. Actually, I think he's concentrating on his cue to add some of the harmony.

For those of you who like to hear a virtuoso harmonica performance, you'll know it's always worth waiting for Mike to swap a sax for a harmonica. Here he goes........

Well, now you've seen how it all comes together. I hope you've enjoyed these two galleries and that they have given you a feel for all the work that has to be done before the Tigers have everything ready to perform for you. I have to say, they were very patient while we hopped about taking these pictures for you.

I couldn't resist having a go at a couple of 'arty' pictures for you. We like sixties music, I wonder if you'll like these '60's-style pictures, not quite up to Andy Warhol standard, do let me know what you think.

and one more .........