Memories 1 - An Evening in 2009 with the Tamla Tigers,  a record in Pictures - Part 1

Unless you watch the preparations actually taking place, very few people really appreciate how much work is involved in bringing so much equipment to a venue and then setting it up to make sure that each musician's performance is just as good as it can be.

There are lots of little details which, in themselves, may seem quite trivial but they all add together to provide the superb performances that we all know The Tamla Tigers produce for us every time they join the stage. This is a pictorial record of the Tiger's brilliant event earlier this year at the Lancaster Hall. Part 1 illustrates the setting up. Part 2 in Memories2 covers final preparation and the first set's performance underway.

So, here's a collection of recently taken pictures recording some of the preparations before a performance which we hope you will enjoy. You will be reminded of some of the things that make that special difference: Alec sorting out a myriad of wires, lights and sound controls, distribution of the selection and running order chosen for the evening's performance, the cool water supplied for Sarah's hot vocals, guitars coming into the venue from the cold, their strings relaxing in the warm and the essential re-tuning.

So much detail to remember, the positioning of the microphones and are all the spare pieces of equipment put in their correct places? - a spare plectrum for Martin, replacement strings, another pair of drumsticks, Sarah's trademark boa - a myriad collection of props, equipment, adjustments, there's always such a lot to remember. This way to the PICS......

With a darkish stage and black uniforms, the stage lights did not make photography any too easy.  I, your Webmaster, will admit to taking some of these pictures for you and my elder daughter, Claudia, has helped with many of the shots too.  We hope you will enjoy them, perhaps they will bring back memories of previous gigs you've enjoyed, perhaps they will add for you a fresh dimension to your future enjoyment of a Tigers gig. So, let's get started.

It's time to power up. Alec's getting ready for his sound checks.

Oooh dear, I get confused just with the buttons on my CD player. How does he do it?

Meanwhile, up on the stage, Goff's getting his keyboards hooked up.  That keen ear of his won't relax until the settings are just as they should be.

Pat's arrived too and he and Godfrey are already getting together to swap some new ideas.

Now Graham's arrived too, it's time for his warm up, more adjustments while Alec adds Graham's contribution to the mixing board.  

Well, that's three here and getting ready. Judging by that rather bright pink, Sarah must be here too, that's her boa. At least, I think it is. Hey guys, not your boa, is it?

Now, of course I knew it was Sarah's boa all along! Here she is, still got her coat on, it's cold outside. At least it will soon warm up here inside the Lancaster Hall. Four present and correct and that's another microphone that Alec can add to his list of 'sound checked'.

Away from the stage it all looks like organised chaos. There's Pat's Jill in front of stage checking out a few details. She's got a Degree and she works at a university so she's really smart. I once took a message 'send reinforcements, I'm going to advance'. When it arrived, the message was 'send three and fourpence, I'm going to a dance'. Jill wouldn't do that. No, Jill 's really good with the messages.

Ooh look, there's another one, another Tiger, Martin's here, you should hear his guitar solos. Martin can be a bit quiet. Mind you, you don't need to make a lot of noise when you can make a guitar do it for you the way Martin can. He had a standing ovation later in the evening, these Tigers are all so very, very talented. I can play lots of chords on a guitar myself but, as the late Eric Morecambe used to say, ' not necessarily in the right order!'.

I've got my mike, I've got my water bottle, where's my list of the music for the first set?

It's OK, I've found it, panic's over! The show can go on!  Aha! Here's another familiar character, it's John!

and Mike's just behind John, he's meticulously re-assembling one of his saxophones, it has to be perfect.

Ok, John, shall we give it a try? Alec is waiting for us to complete his sound check

Luvverly, that's got the voices and instruments sorted out. Now, what about putting on your Tamla togs? A lot of people are already traveling to the venue and it won't be long before they start arriving. If you'd like to see some more, please click on this link, it will take you to Memories 2