Quite a few people take a serious interest in how bands produce their unique sound and in the equipments that they use.

So, for those of you who would like to have all the details at your fingertips, here's a run-down of The Tamla Tigers' basic range of equipment and instruments. Of course, this is supplemented according to both the size of the venue and its in- or outdoor location. We have just completed a programme of upgrading and significant equipment additions - all designed to ensure your maximum enjoyment of the Tamla Tigers' unique sound.

PA System (2,400 watts)
Behringer Eurodesk SL 324FX-PRO Mixing Desk
2 x C.Audio 31 band graphic equalisers
Behringer 2 way crossover
3 x Behringer 4 x gate/compressor/limiters
Alesis Miniverb echo/reverb unit
2 x Behringer 18" sub bass cabinets
QSC 1000 watt amplifier
2 x Behringer 300 watt self powered 15" + Horn mid/top cabinets
2 x The Box 400 watt self powered 15" + Horn mid/top cabinets
Shure, Beyer, Audio Technica and T Bone microphones
Millenium direct injection boxes

Monitor System ( 400 watt)

T Amp E400 Stereo Amplifier
Behringer FBQ 1502 2 x 15 band Graphic Equalizer
2 x ( 2 x 12" + horn) monitor cabinets
2 x ( 1 x 12" + horn) monitor cabinets

and now, in alphabetical order of artist
 - the Instruments

Martin Dunsford
1969 Fender Stratocaster
Peavey Classic 2 x 12" 50 watt amplifier

Richard Graham
Fohqudill Versatile Trumpet

Andy Gray
Pearl DLX Jazz Kit
Snare - Stewart Copeland Signature
Mix of Sabian and Zildjian Cymbals

Pat Martin
G & L L2500 5 string bass guitar
Peavey 400 watt bass amplifier
2 x Peavey 15" BW bass cabinets

Mike Paice
Selmer Mk V1 tenor sax
Yamaha YAS 21 alto sax
Hohner Marine Band & Echo Super Vamper blues harps  
John Sandford
Yanigasawa tenor saxophone
Yanigasawa baritone saxophone

Anne Whittet
Clavia Nord Electro 2 - 61