The Tamla Tigers were formed some ten years ago by Pat Martin and a group of liked-minded musicians with a love for Motown and Soul music. The aim was to recreate those fantastic grooves that have made that music so enduringly popular. Even if you don't dance, no-one can resist responding to Motown's unique beat.

Even so, no-one seemed to be focusing on Motown at the time and The Tamla Tigers provided a really high quality solution. Every one of the band's members has extensive and most have international experience that now accounts for its current performances which are of unsurpassed quality.

The beautifully balanced repertoire has expanded and now embraces a number of ever popular Soul and Blues and even a couple of Beatles numbers. If you like Tamla Motown and Soul, you'll have such a great time with The Tamla Tigers.

There are eight musicians who form The Tamla Tigers' line-up plus Alex Hawkins who is the sound technician, the Tigers' electronics genius.  You can read their biographies here. They represent an exceptional wealth of talent. With so much experience between them, both national and international, you're bound to recognise some of these names.

Pat Martin:  Bass, Vocals

Band Members (alphabetical order)
Martin Dunsford:  Guitar, Vocals
Sarah Geary:  Lead Vocals
Richard Graham: Trumpet
Andy Gray: Drums
Mike Paice:  Tenor & Alto Saxophones, Blues Harmonica, Vocals
John Sandford:  Soprano, Tenor and Alto Saxophones, Vocals
Anne Whittet:  Keyboard

Paul Wardell: Guitar

Specialist support services
Alec Hawkins:  Sound Technician and Head of Road Crew

...... and rather less special by his own admission!
Web Master:  Roy Norris