Here's Pat Martin Stateside making his pilgrimage to the Motown Museum in Detroit

The brass section all lined up in 2006 - and clearly very happy about it!

Sarah's hitting those high notes again ......

... and now, back from Detroit, Pat Martin concentrates on getting the groove

Graham, now there's a guy who never misses a beat. These days,
Graham's  concentrating on tutoring the drumming stars of the future

Unusual to see Alan with his eyes closed - could it be Mike Paice's
brilliantly coloured shirt ( think he uses Ariel - or maybe Persil?)

Sarah's happy after singing her heart out with The Tamla Tigers

Pat and Graham - the rhythm section at work. Mmmm 5-string bass!
Apparently that means Pat can play 25% MORE notes. Genius!

Martin working his magic with that guitar. Yes, Pat's got five strings
but Martin's got SIX. So does that mean he can play 20% more notes than Pat?
Any mathematicians in the house?

Sarah watches while Mike takes over the lead on the blues harmonica

John blowing so hard he's turned his tenor sax into a soprano!

another great shot of the brass section, sometimes referred to as The Horny Horns!

John's stll breathing hard, but doesn't it sound great!